The 2023 AFEX GRAND PRIX AWARDS were unveiled yesterday at MIPIM in Cannes.
The Jules Bordet Institute that we created in Brussels is one of the 10 nominated projects!

We would like to thank Madeleine Houbart and Reda Amalou as well as all the members of the jury.

The official proclamation of the Winner will take place in Venice on May 18, as part of the inauguration of the Architecture Biennale


Foundation of Myology

Projet lauréat

Winning project !

Brunet Saunier & Associés will realize the building of the future Myology Foundation, with Belval & Parquet (associated architects), CET Ingénierie (Global engineering) and Gaya développement durable (HEQ engineering).

We are particularly pleased and proud to support the AFM-Telethon and the Association Institut de Myologie in this ambitious research project whose objective is to study, diagnose, evaluate and treat muscle, whether healthy, diseased, aging or trained.

The future Foundation will be located on the edge of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital and will include a research center consisting of laboratories, technical facilities, offices and teaching premises.

Architect : Brunet Saunier & Associes
Associated architects : Belval & Parquet
Global engineering : CET Ingénierie
HEQ engineering : GAYA Développement Durable
Perspective : Jeudi Wang

Owner : AFM-Telethon, Association Institut de Myologie

Project Management : Careit

Institut de Myologie; Fondation de Myologie; Brunet Saunier Associés; Brunet Saunier Architecture; AFM-Téléthon; Téléthon;


Brunet Saunier Architecture devient Brunet Saunier & Associés !


Four new partners (Clément Billaquois, Franck Courari, Garcie de Navailles and Hugo Viellard) joined the management of the agency at the end of 2022 alongside Jérôme Brunet, Vincent Marchand and Jacques Lévy-Bencheton.
The new team intends to consolidate a common vision of the project, based on a demanding and systemic approach, and to provide new responses to the major technical and environmental challenges of our time.


Sortie de l’ouvrage “Institut Jules Bordet Instituut”


Today, Tuesday 8th of November 2022 at 07:30pm at Volume Librairy in Paris, official release of the work “Institut Jules Bordet Instituut” published by Hatje Cantz.


JAS 2022 - Conférence de Jérôme Brunet


During the Journées de l’Architecture en Santé, held in Menton from October 17th to 19th , Jérôme Brunet and Matti Anttila, from AW2 practice, will give a talk about the Trauma and Cancer Center of the Helsinki University Hospital, whose delivery is scheduled for the end of 2022.

This new building will provide a valuable link between existing emergency and cancer services, creating a large unified hospital center that will enhance the operational efficiency of patients, visitors and staff. The project is resolutely looking towards the future, both in its architecture and in the methods implemented in the design phase.
For the first time, Brunet Saunier Architecture and its partners used the “Big Room” method of bringing together designers and users to collaborate throughout the studies via a virtual reality immersion system. (CAVE)


JAS 2022 - Conférence de Jacques Levy


During the 4th Health Architecture Days in Menton, Jacques Levy-Bencheton, BIM Manager of the practice, and Matthieu Lalanne, DB-LAB’s Director, will give a talk about an application developed for the management of the Hospital’s Big Data.

They will present the implementation of a powerful Common Data Environment, with the use of ACC & BIM360 platforms combined with an application developed with Forge, for the management of hospital project data. Based on the HUSOGPN project, designed by RPBW and BSA, they will explain the implementation of data workflows in order to create optimized circuits to involve all project stakeholders, programmers, clients, architects and design offices with Collaborate Pro and BIM360 Docs. They will show how a connected Forge application will collect data from digital models and process and trace data throughout their lifecycle, from programming to building maintenance.

Journées de l'Architecture en Santé JAS, Jacques Levy-Bencheton and Matthieu Lalanne conference: Application for Hospital BIG Data Management


Autodesk University New Orleans 2022


Jacques LEVY-BENCHETON will speak at Autodesk University 2022 in New Orleans. With Mathieu Lalanne from DB-Lab, he will give a course illustrating the implementation of a common data environment - using the Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 platforms combined with an application developed in Autodesk Forge - for data management of a hospital project. In this case, the Saint-Ouen Grand Paris Nord University Hospital is intended to be the largest hospital in Paris, France, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Brunet Saunier Architecture with INGEROP.
More details availble on Autodesk University 2022 where you can register online to attend the distance course.


L’Institut Jules Bordet publié dans le Hospital Partenaire



Concours en cours


Brunet Saunier Architecture is currently working on several architectural competitions:

Argenteuil Hospital: This is a sector-wide public procurement contract for the design of extensions to the Madeleine Brès building in order to group all MCO activities into a single package. Brunet Saunier Architecture is selected with Bouygues Bâtiment IDF.

Foundation of Myology in Paris: this restricted competition under MOP law launched by the AFM-Telethon and the Myology Institute charity focuses on the construction of the future Foundation of Myology building. The aim is to bring together all the activities carried out by the Myology Institute charity on a single site at Pitié-Salpêtrière by providing research teams and support staff with a modern and efficient tool in the centre of Paris. Brunet Saunier has partnered with architects Belval & Parquet.

Reims University Hospital: The project management team formed around Brunet Saunier, a commissioned architect, Giovanni Pace, associate architect, Philippe Villien, urban planner and Franck Boutté, HEQ consultant, has been selected to participate in the restricted competition on the sketch of phase 2 of the construction of the New Hospital of the University Hospital of Reims.

Two other architectural competitions for the extension of the Cardio-Pneumo centre to the Arnaud de Villeneuve hospital in Montpellier and for the women-children centre in Marseille are developed with Eiffage.


Le bâtiment Reine de l’hôpital Henri Mondor dans Archistorm


The magazine Archistorm comes back, in its No. 114, on the project of extension of the Henri-Mondor University Hospital, the Reine building, inaugurated in 2020. In the midst of the Covid crisis, this 13,800 m² RBI “Resuscitation, Block, Interventional” building was delivered six months ahead of the original delivery date.
You can read the full article on Archistorm.

Hôpital Henri Mondor, Créteil,


032c présente Phylum-H


The Berlin media 032c features the Phylum-H publication in an article written by Nicolas Korody. The article entitled “Medicine, Metaphor, and Architecture” can be read in full on the website of


UE Libre – Sorbonne Université – Architecture & Hôpitaux - conférence de Jérôme Brunet


Invited by Frédéric Clarençon, neurologist and university professor of the Sorbonne University Faculty of Medicine, Brunet Saunier is invited to participate at the «Architecture and Hospitals» courses .
Jérôme Brunet will present «L’hôpital de demain» to 3rd year medical students.
The conference will take place on Tuesday 12 April 2022 at 15:30 at the Sorbonne 91 boulevard de l’hôpital 75013 Paris, Room PS 113, 1st floor. Entrance is free.


ENSA Paris Val de Seine – Architecture on Healthcare - conférence de Jérôme Brunet


Jérôme Brunet is invited to the ENSA Paris Val de Seine for a conference entitled “Architecture on healthcare, the evolution of hospital architecture to withstand pandemic crises.”

In partnership with the AP-HP and the University of Paris, this conference is part of the Master 2 project teaching, «transforming the existing» and «urban wastelands».

The conference will take place on Tuesday 12 April 2022 at 9:30 am at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine, 3 quai Panhard and Levassor in Paris 13th, Room 208. The entrance is free.


Jacques Levy-Bencheton au BIM World de Paris


Jacques Levy-Bencheton, associé de Brunet Saunier Architecture, intervient avec son partenaire Mathieu Lalanne (DBLab) lors du BIM World Paris le 6 avril 2022. Le thème de leur intervention s’intitule : « L’Usage d’Autodesk Cloud Construction connecté à une application Autodesk Forge pour la gestion des données des locaux des hôpitaux, du programme à la micro-implantation ».
Pour plus de détails vous pouvez aussi consulter cet article figurant dans Explorations du site de l’agence.


Symposium 9 : Health Care of the Future - Berlin


Jérôme Brunet est invité à participer au neuvième symposium “Health Care of Futur” le 4 mars à Berlin.

Le concept de “structures efficaces, modulaires et flexibles” joue un rôle clé lorsqu’il s’agit de formuler les futurs défis de la construction dans le secteur de la santé. La pandémie a donné une nouvelle acuité à cette exigence. L’adaptabilité flexible va de pair avec l’idéal de soins de santé efficaces en termes de ressources et centrés sur le patient. Elle est en outre l’expression de formes de soins de plus en plus numériques et décentralisées.
Le symposium se consacre à ces questions en abordant les aspects programmatiques, sociaux et architecturaux des soins de santé orientés vers l’avenir.

Jérôme Brunet (Brunet Saunier Architecture) interviendra avec Antoine Chaaya (RPBW) pour présenter l’Hôpital Universitaire Grand Paris Nord (HUGPN) lors de la session1 « Flexible Frameworks ». Pour plus d’informations et pour s’inscrire, merci de vous rendre sur le site de l’enah, l’European Network Architecture for Health.


Séminaire de recherche international - ARCHIDES « Architecture, Design, Santé »


ARCHIDES « Architecture, Design, Santé » chaire de recherche et d’enseignement à l’ENSA Paris-Val de Seine, organise son premier séminaire intitulé « Les lieux de la santé à l’épreuve de la crise : mutabilité, flexibilité, élasticité, plasticité. »
L’agence Brunet Saunier est invitée en conférencier à cette séance du 19 janvier 2022. Jérôme Brunet et Antoine Kersse interviendront lors de la session 2 : Approches multiscalaires de la mutabilité.
L’inscription se fait en ligne et jusqu’au 16 janvier via ce lien.


Publication : D’A – Quel hôpital pour demain ?


Dans le N° 294 de D’A, Richard Scoffier se pose la question : « Quel hôpital pour demain ? » Quatre groupements répondent à cette question avec des propositions pour le nouvel hôpital universitaire Grand Paris. Focus sur le lauréat RPBW (mandataire) avec Brunet Saunier. Lire l’article


Conférence de Jérôme Brunet à EHESP de Rennes


Jérôme Brunet est invité par l’EHESP (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé publique) de Rennes à donner une conférence. La conférence porte sur une sélection de grands projets hospitaliers de l’agence et notamment la construction en conception réalisation avec Sogéa Bretagne Btp/Vinci Construction du futur Centre Chirurgical et Interventionnel à Rennes.


Grand Paris – Prolongement de la ligne 14 Sud Gare M.I.N. Porte de Thiais.

Projet en chantier

Ces photos montrent les volumétries de la gare de M.I.N Porte de Thiais et le niveau des quais. Elles montrent également la mezzanine suspendue, sous laquelle passera le train et qui sera totalement accessible pour le parcours des voyageurs. Les travaux de second œuvre suivront, l’ouverture est prévue en 2024, pour les Jeux Olympiques de Paris.



Le centre hospitalier Wiliam-Morey fête ses 10 ans.

Projet livré

Gregory Jacob, journaliste du JSL, revient sur l’histoire de la construction et de l’évolution du centre hospitalier William-Morey à Chalon-sur-Saône, inauguré il y a dix ans. L’article, réservé aux abonnés, est à lire sur le site du Journal de Saône-et-Loire.


Jules Bordet institute inauguration

Projet livré

The Jules Bordet Institute in anderlecht campus was inaugurated on 13, 16 and 17 october with Bruxelles mayor Mr Phillipe Close. This cutting edge cancer center span a total of 80 000 m² with 10 000m² dedicated to research. The first patient will be welcolmed in november 2021


Future Grand Paris Nord University Hospital

Winning project

The Renzo Piano Building Workshop consortium associated with Brunet Saunier Architecture is the winner of the project management competition for the future Grand Paris Nord University Hospital in Saint-Ouen.
The future Grand Paris Nord University Hospital will bring together the activities of the Beaujon and Bichat hospitals and will be built on the site of the PSA plant in Saint-Ouen.


Publication in D’Architectures nº287


Publication in D’Architectures nº287, mars 2021: Discussion with Jérôme Brunet: “Phylogénie hospitalière: quelles mutations pour l’architecture de l’hôpital?” by Julia Tournaire and Antoine Kersse. Read article.



Line 14, MIN Porte de Thiais

Project under construction

The future M.I.N. Porte de Thiais for the Grand Paris Express will serve the Rungis National Interest Market. RATP, owner and operator of this future station, expects more than 50,000 passengers per day.


Rennes surgical and interventional center

Project in studies

Building permit obtained for the Surgical and Interventional Center of Rennes.
The future 40,000m² Rennes hospital center will bring together all of the medicine, surgery and obstetrics (MCO) activities on the Pontchaillou site, currently spread over 5 different sites in Rennes.



Extension and restructuring of the Rothschild Foundation in Paris

Project in studies

Extension and restructuring of the Rothschild Foundation (Manin site) in Paris.
This extension and restructuring project will allow the Rothschild Foundation to develop its healthcare activities and improve the overall consistency of the site.


Resuscitation Building and Interventional Blocks, Henri Mondor University Hospital

Delivered project

Delivery of the “Resuscitation, Interventional Blocks” building on the site of the Henri Mondor University Hospital in Créteil.
This building, connected to the existing IGH, accommodates 21 operating theaters, a post-intervention monitoring room and 85 critical care beds.



Morax building, Lariboisière University Hospital

Delivered project

Delivery of the Morax building to the Lariboisière University Hospital site in Paris with Bernard Desmoulins architect.
This building constitutes the first phase of the “Nouveau Lariboisière” project and accommodates technical services, biomedical and radiation protection workshops, as well as medical logistics.


Official inauguration of the Nord Franche-Comté hospital in Trévenans

Delivered project

Mr. Olivier Véran, French Minister of Health, inaugurated on October 9, 2020, the Nord Franche-Comté hospital.
This 72,000m² MCO building, in service for three years already, received the Equerre d’Argent award in the “Work environment” category in 2017.


Tekla Global Bim Award 2020


Helsinki University Hospital won the Tekla Global BIM Award 2020 in the “best public project” category.
The prize, inaugurated in 1999, rewards innovative projects that push the boundaries of structural engineering and BIM. Over 135 projects were in competition, including winners of Tekla’s regional BIM Awards from 36 countries.
You can visualize the project of the Trauma Center and Canceropôle of the Meilahti Hospital of the Helsinki University Hospital (HUH) in Finland ici.


Fort-de-France Cyclotron

Winning project

Brunet Saunier Architecture has been named the winner of the competition for the Cyclotron in Fort-de-France, Martinique.
This project is carried out in design-build with the agent company SOGEA.
The new building, listed on the CHU Fort-de-France site, will house a cyclotron and the nuclear medicine department.


Trauma & Cancer Center, Helsinki

Project under construction

Construction of the Trauma & Cancer Center at Meilahti Hospital in Helsinki continues.
This new 70,000m² building meets new needs and completes the healthcare offer as part of the reorganization of University Hospitals in Helsinki, Finland.


Phylum H, Brunet Saunier Architecture on healthcare


Brunet Saunier Architecture is pleased to present its new publication: Phylum H, Brunet Saunier Architecture on healthcare, Hatje-Cantz Editions, Berlin.

This book offers an open look at a specific and still opaque area of ​​architecture: hospital design. Brunet Saunier Architecture has been dedicated for many years to studying and developing the process of integrating the functional procedures required in medicine, social requirements and spatial potential. Assimilating this complex expertise, their projects become fascinating time capsules. On the one hand, they offer an analytical look into the past, seeking medical, historical and typological elements of hospital functionality. On the other hand, they examine the potential offered by new technologies and the evolution of living and care practices. The result is unique buildings, characterized by a sophisticated mastery of the flexibility of the spatial structure, and giving a central place to the well-being of patients and caregivers. They create places of exploration for technology, knowledge, work and social life - for now and for the future. This publication deals with this unique creative process with the help of expert interviews, plans, photographic points of view and data extracted from the agency’s projects. Brunet Saunier architecture was founded in 1981 by Jérôme Brunet and Éric Saunier. The agency is mainly engaged in the construction of public buildings. The successful interplay of formal and functional aspects of hospital buildings has made the architectural firm famous across Europe.

Phylum H, Brunet Saunier Architecture on healthcare, Editions Hatje-Cantz, Berlin.
Directed by Antoine Kersse. Cover designed by Heimann + Schwantes



Cité des Humanités et des Sciences Sociales, Campus Condorcet

Delivered project

Delivery of the Cité des Humanités et des Sciences Sociales, Campus Condorcet, in Aubervilliers.
Operation carried out in “P.P.P.” with GTM. This new building also houses the CROUS university restaurant.


New Intercantonal Hospital in Payerne

Winning project

The team shaped around Brunet Saunier Architecture has been named the winner of the competition for the New Intercantonal Hospital of Broye on the Payerne site in Switzerland.